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rescued mare and foal


Welcome  to The H.A.C.K. Horse Sanctuary a Rescue- Rehabilitation- Education Centre, situated near Wrexham, North East Wales,  and founded in March 1992 by Pamela Bluck.  A fully registered charity and  full welfare members of The National Equine Welfare Council

The Aim and Object of the charity is to rescue neglected, abused,  cruelly treated and abandoned horses, ponies, and donkeys and sometimes includes other animals. To rehabilitate and find loving homes suited to each individual equine.

To Educate on horse welfare, the responsibilities of owning any animal and meeting the 5 basic needs of horse ownership.

H.A.C.K. is unique in the fact that is run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to the welfare of the horse.

Pamela Bluck

The H.A.C.K. Horse Sanctuary
Rescue- Rehabilitation- Education
Reg. Charity 1025157
Full Welfare members of The National Equines Welfare Council

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