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Latest rescued horses and ponies and donkeys

Three little Shetlands and a Welsh x who have been rescued from a large neglect case from the south of England that involved the RSPCA.

Two little Girls and two geldings, all in need of some TLC, human connection, and positive handling,  All have now had their teeth checked, their hooves trimmed and now have a  daily routine. All are coming along well and are now going out for walks around The Alyn Waters Park 

Two lovely boys now looking good after both suffering injuries that ended their careers. Although given a lot of downtime they may not be able to return to a working life albeit a change of career into light weight work

Pictured also, little Mouse.

Cookie and Oreo
Two little yearling fillies that have come from a large case. We were asked for help via NEWC and prepared to receive these two little girls.
They came from south Wales and were transported in a very large lorry that was taking some of the other rescued ponies to their destinations as well.
It was 10 o'clock at night when the wagon finally arrived in Llay but the lorry was so big that it couldn't get to the sanctuary along the narrow country lane so we to transfer  the two unhandled ponies onto our 3.5 tonne horse box, this went without a hitch and the ponies were taken to our isolation yard and settled in for the night. 
Both ponies were badly neglected, underweight, and unkempt. However they are making progress and becoming very friendly. Their future looks brighter




Is a Welsh Type approx. 13 h.h. as the photo's show Jimmy was suffering from sheer neglect resulting in laminitis and rotation of both hind pedal bones resulting in great pain so much so that one vet suggested he was put to sleep. However H.A.C.K. was called in and we decided to give him a chance. Our farrier has been in attendance  and treatment is progressing 

Pony hooves


Is another little pony abandoned and left fly grazing on land a joining a very busy By Pass with no fencing to keep him safe. The owners of the land applied the necessary law notices and informed the police and then we were required to remove the little chap. Oscar is a mini type Shetland appox. 15 years old and a stallion therefore requiring castration. He is progressing well



a very small mini Shetland who had been abandoned on a large open un-fenced park near to the rugby fields in Shropshire and had been fly grazing for several weeks. She was known to travel down busy highways looking for that other bit of tasty grass and it was feared for her life.

Fly Grazing Notices were put out  in the area, working within the law, nobody came forward for this dear little pony and the land owner requested her removal for her own safety more than anything.

Mouse had never had her teeth checked and her teeth were so overgrown and sharp she could not chew her food properly. The farrier has been out too and she is progressing well...


Izz  Sadly Izzy has now passe away
We came across Izz near Saddleworth Moor, she was drugged, cold, and miserable, alarm bells began to ring, she needed to come home with me not exactly what I had set out for, but hey!!!!
To say Izz was unpredictable is an understatement, an unknown quantity , it was going to take a lot of time and patience , so we began by putting her in a daily and regular routine, which was made harder by Izz trying to kick her stable out so out for now 24/7.
Over the months and continuous problems we found Izz had kissing spines and lameness in three legs. She has undergone injection treatment and is now in physio as we are trying to build muscle to support her spine and we are hoping that her lameness is due to her positioning herself to avoid so much pain
The work continues, but she is making progress and has come a long way.

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