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Ready for re-homing

Toby - Now Out On Loan

Is a coloured cob type pony, and very handsome he is, standing approx. 13.2 h.h. He is a lovely boy but he does have his quirks. He hates being in a stable by himself, fine if you are standing in with him grooming etc, but the moment you leave he will kick the door and try to get out.

We have never had a problem leaving other horses when he is being ridden, but you have to be firm with him. Boy can he jump. Good with farrier and dentist, loads into wagon and is fine when traveling


Both adults and capable children have ridden him, he is good with traffic. Not for novices


A fab pony who is a great deal of fun for the right home. He would live out 24/7, must have a companion. 5* home only

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