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When horses come into the sanctuary, we are faced with many different problems but every care is taken to make the horse comfortable and settled before the work begins to make them well again . Diet is developed to suit the needs of the individual animal ,  and a overall heath check including, teeth, worming, vaccination,  and any other medical needs they may have. Each and every horse, pony and/or donkey are put into a regular routine, each one is handled, taught to have his feet pick up, groomed, taught manners and how to lead.

Later they are traffic trained and walked out in-hand usually through The Alyn Waters Park and along the lanes and eventually along a more busy venue.

When established youngsters start their programme into training at about 3 years old all depending on development. We begin with lunging and long reining, they will have already been taught voice control/aids and most by now are confident to take this training in their stride. Eventually they are backed and then ridden away, most are turned out for the winter and come back into work the following Spring.

Some of the older Horses  may have to be retrained and this can be a long and repetitive job as they have learnt how to evade and misbehave, but we are never in a rush and the end result has to be a horse that is suitable to be re-homed into a regular working environment  and/or  as a companion/pet.  Those who are deemed unsuitable for re-homing will stay within the protection of H.A.C.K. and are used for education purposes

Sadly not all rescued horses, ponies or donkey's make a recovery and some have to be put to sleep. A very hard decision  to make I know, but sometimes there just isn't any alternative. It is something we have to deal with and is not a pleasant task.

Walking out in-hand and getting the ponies used to every situation they may encounter
Enjoying a dip in the river on a hot sunny day or
Traffic Training - meeting the Dentist - The farrier -Lunging-

Long reining - Backing - Schooling and a forever home




Pony traffic training
Pony and Farrier
pony with Dentist
Pony and Dentist
Pony and Farrier
Pony in Training
Horse in Training
Horse in training
Horse in Training
Horse in training
Pony in training

Erik came in as a neglected little colt found running down a very busy road and rounded up by the Police. Nobody came forward to claim him so he came to us here at H.A.C.K. and after a great deal of care, and time to mature he turned out to be a most wonderful all round pony. Before and After photos.

Toby a little neglected yearling  colt who came to H.A.C.K. in a terrible state, allowed to mature and grow and turned into a fab pony.

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