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Volunteering at H.A.C.K.

Becoming a volunteer  can be very rewarding but it is not just about playing with the ponies, , it is hard work making sure that all the Horses, Ponies, and donkeys are well looked after and their every needs are met. 

Duties would include mucking out fields as well as stables, making sure there is fresh clean water, checking fields for poisonous plants and dangerous objects, fencing etc. The horse's welfare is paramount.

Then there is the fund-raising because without raising enough funds H.A.C.K. couldn't survive and then we couldn't help the horses  or support their welfare. It is a continuous round of fund-raising activities , thinking of new idea's, organising events and being a responsible team member that is willing to help with anything that needs doing.. Then there is the office work, which is a full time job in it's self. Working as a team and all talents coming together and good communication we can all build a successful financial support for H.A.C.K.

So, if you are hard working, reliable, responsible, enthusiastic, and a good team player. then we would like to hear from you,   so contact here

Other ways to Help go to our fund-raising pages  

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